“The internet is just a passing fad”, said a smart man once. Bill Gates. Yes, really. That was in 1995. Almost a quarter century later we can go online with our refrigerators – what a time to be alive.

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Every day, something new and exciting comes up and it gets harder to keep track. Flash is a thing of the past, now it’s all about HTML5. Visiting a static website on a smartphone is a real pain, we need responsive design. To help businesses succeed, Hoods keeps up to date on all things digital. We create apps and responsive websites to make your communication goals fit for the future. Btw, the future is now!

Responsive Websites

Over the last few years usage of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has skyrocketed. In 2016 63 % of internet users in Germany were online on mobile devices.

Traditional – static – websites are optimized to screen sizes of desktop computers and laptops. On mobile devices they’re almost unreadable. Before 2015, website operators could simply shrug the issue off and still get a good Google ranking. But then Google released what became known as Mobilegeddon. This algorithm update favors websites that are built with mobile devices in mind, i.e. responsive.

Our team of experienced back-end and front-end developers will help you with the creation of a responsive website, so you won’t have to fear being penalized by Google. We will make sure that your site will provide a perfect UX and will be readable on all screen sizes, so your visitors can enjoy your content without a magnifying glass.

Web Apps

Web apps have many use cases like online stores, messenger apps or mobile versions of productivity apps. They feature interactive elements and contents that can be accessed on demand. This is the main distinction between a web app and a regular website. Users don’t have to install web apps on their devices as they are browser-based. This is a great advantage for businesses as only one app needs to be developed which then works on all operating systems, instead of creating a browser version, an iOS app and an Android app.

The security features are also a big plus for web apps as security patches can be installed automatically, thus making sure that visitors always use the most up to date version. For users with privacy or safety concerns web apps have the advantage that they don’t need to be installed on the device itself.

We think web apps are great! And last but not least: they’re cheaper to develop than native apps. Did we convince you? We’ll get right on it, just give us a call.

Content Management Systeme

Content Management Systems (CMS) help you manage your content flexibly and tailored to your business. Our core technology is Django. But we also offer Craft frameworks. Compared to Joomla, Typo3 or WordPress, Craft CMS is more agile and better suited for mobile communication.

We’ll look at all of your needs before deciding on the right CMS technology for you.

HTML5 Banner

For years, dynamic web content depended on plugins that were massively vulnerable to malware etc. After the quick rise of mobile technology plugins became even more difficult to work with. Then along came HTML5 which presented an ideal solution for tablets, smartphones as well as laptops and desktops.

Hoods specializes in highly converting HTML5 banners. We’ve developed many display advertising campaigns for international clients like Nokia and Unitymedia. We know our way around native advertising service providers like Plista.

Besides the technical development of your banner campaigns we also offer design of campaign ideas and themes. You can choose between attractive dynamic display banners for animated messages or beautiful static HTML5 banners. It’s pick and choose for you!


Idle brains tend to wander… When we get bored, our play instinct comes out (even in the most serious adults).

Believe it or not, business can take advantage of this natural instinct and drive user interaction with the company’s site or app. Gamification turns dull activities into fun. Fitness trackers are a good example that intrinsically motivate users to work out more to get badges, achieve daily step goals or win in competitions.

Games can be used in employee training or – this one is for the marketers – used to strengthen customer loyalty. Games offer a combination of learning, achievement, story and reward. In marketing, gamification has the objective to have user spend more time with the brand. This can lead to stronger loyalty. Branded games work for all kinds of businesses planning to reactivate certain customer segments and get them to interact more.

Hoods will consult you about your goals for gamification and develop an appropriate content strategy. We’ll create a well-rounded concept for you. Let the games begin!


Smartphones, tablets, wearables – nifty little gadgets that simplify our lives. Headed to work? Just quickly check the weather and see if there’s traffic while brushing your teeth. Life without apps seems almost impossible.

Apps are also a great addition to communication strategies of businesses. Simply push your newest offers to your audience’s phones or make your online shop a seamless experience on mobile and desktop. Hoods has experienced developers to design and code your apps for iOS and of course we create apps for Android. We focus on high usability and sophisticated functions. All you need to tell your customers is: there’s an app for that.