Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler – Albert Einstein. This quote works brilliantly for design which should neither be over the top nor too sparse. It needs to work and needs to look good. Sounds easy enough. Form follows function. But why not strive for form meets function? Whether you need responsive websites, HTML5 advertising or print design – Hoods is your go-to for elegant and technologically sophisticated design.

Hoods design responsive webdesign

Responsive Webdesign

You just wanted to check the takeout-menu for the restaurant next door on your smartphone and forgot to bring your magnifying glass. Aw, shucks! We’ve all been there. Static websites are the bane of every mobile user’s existence. And there really isn’t a reason why they should still exist… Google made sure to set responsive web design in motion with “Mobilegeddon” (the mobile first algorithm update). The search engine now penalizes static websites. So, what’s this responsive thing again? It means that a website is developed in a way that adapts to all screen sizes making it readable on a variety of devices.

Get your mobile on, folks! With Hoods.

User Experience (UX)

Online stores, apps and websites need to be fun and keep users engaged for as long as possible. Usability and user experience (UX) are key factors here. Hoods offers many services to improve the UX of your digital products. Just reach out to us and simplify things for your visitors.

Corporate Design

Here’s the thing: no company wants to be mistaken for their competitor. To avoid that you need a corporate identity (CI) as your unified communication concept. Corporate design is part of CI and visually represents your company to the outside world. Logo, company colors, typography – all these are elements of corporate design. A comprehensive corporate design will make sure that your business is highly recognizable to the target audience. Hoods offers a wide spectrum of corporate design services, be it your first ever design, a re-design or a simple logo development. Of course, we’ll also create your printed business materials like business cards, letterheads, compliment cards, stamps, flyers and brochures. Digital design assets for social media channels or your website will also be provided. Our designs work for the digital and analog world. Let’s create your identity!

Motion Design

We love stuff that moves – whether it’s Mickey Mouse or a gloriously timed cat GIF. Camera, lights, action for motion design, a digital technology that combines traditional graphic design with audiovisual media. Motion design gives businesses unlimited creative opportunities to tell their unique story. Hoods is a motion design agency with plenty of experience. Our services include logo and brand animation, TV commercials as well as professional cutting. Your audience will be glued to the screen.


Despite the digital revolution, print is not dead. Hoods loves classic print design. We’re not kidding when we say that flyers, brochures, print ads for newspapers or magazines make our heart flutter. Of course, we also love out of home advertising like billboards, backlit city posters or ambient advertising.

Hot off the presses, everyone! Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

Wireframes & Prototypes

Think of a wireframe as the first paper model an architect would make to demonstrate what the building will look like. In the digital world, it’s the schematic design draft of the front end. You’ll be able to see what your interface will look like.

Extensive concepts with a more complex user journey are more easily depicted with a prototype as they are more detailed. Some parts of the prototype are already coded which makes it easier to simulate the user journey and to see if the user experience is up to par. You can experience the digital product first-hand and see if anything needs to be changed. Btw, Hoods has all sorts of prototype pro types… #corny.

3D Visualization

Wow your online shoppers with an ingenious product display. 3D visualization is the process of photo-realistic image production for single products or your entire product line. Your products can either be entirely computer-generated or be developed with 3D scans.

Online stores will love this form of visualization as products can be displayed with a 360-degree view. Product configurators are another fabulous use case for 3D.

We’ll take your stuff to the third dimension!